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powerplate rental, just £15 per week

If you wish to increase the profitability of your salon, simply rent a 1500 Watt Vibration Plate* from us. With a delivery and installation fee of only £50, and weekly rental of only £15 per week, many of our customers claim to have recuperated their weekly rental cost before 11am every Monday morning!

*For light commercial usage only, for heavy usage you will require the FatLoss Pro vibration plate model

Also available for Home Hire in the Warrington and surrounding areas, (£15 per week, minimum 4 weeks £60)

(Free delivery in Warrington, £10 delivery within 10 mile radius)

You can also buy ex rental guaranteed Vibration Plates for £199, or brand new for £299

The machine is maintenance free, and can even operated by a token meter in your salon just like sunbeds if you wish! (£5 per week extra charge) Your clients pay around £2 for a 10 minute session, or £4 for a 20 minute session.

The unit needs only around 2ft x 3ft of floor area and a single mains socket, so it's easy to rent a powerplate

What is Vibration Training?
Vibration training is not a new concept and is not a fad! This type of training has been around for over 30 years: it was originally researched as a treatment for osteoporosis and muscle wastage in cosmonauts.

The initial concept was introduced by Russian scientists back in the 1970’s, looking for a way to overcome muscle degeneration in cosmonauts by using a vibration exercise machine. As the trials progressed, vibration training was found to influence the body in many other ways. EXERCISE TIME IS GREATLY REDUCED due to highly intensified training caused by involuntary muscle contractions as the body interacts with the vibrating plate. This means that by using vibration training with a vibrating plate you can achieve the same results in less time and fewer sessions.Vibration training can do something for everyone. It works the body in four totally separate ways to get health benefits that would normally only arise from working for hours in the gym. On a Vibration Plate, this only takes 10 minutes.

We also have a home hire service available in Warrington and surrounding areas, from £15 per week
(Minimum rental 4 week)


Domestic Vibration Plate rental is easy, telephone Warrington: 01925 232 232 for more information

hire a powerplate for only £15 per week

domestic vibration plate hire model shown for illustrative purposes only